Q & A with JASON MORGAN Bangor Rugby Club & Director of Rugby @ Bangor Grammar

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Name Jason Morgan.
Age: 33.
Club/School: Bangor RFC, Director of Rugby Bangor Grammar School.
Position: Outside Centre/ Out Half.

Hi Jason, to begin with, how’s things?
I’m having a bit of rehab at the minute, I decided to get a loose body from my knee removed, had to undergo an operation, so getting back on my feet after that, rehab is going really well though this will possibly be my last season………….. Yes Jason we’ll see about that!
jason morgan
I started at Bangor RFC in 2008, played there for 2 years, then I had a stint at Ards for 1 season in AIL, quite enjoyed it, it was nice to do something different like that and experience AIL, I have a family and my role in the school was developing so I had to question the travel commitments.
This will be my 4th season with Bangor. 1st I was @ Cooke for a year in 2006/07, I met my wife here in Belfast, we travelled back to New Zealand and after 12 months we were married! Not long after that we had our first child on the way, so we decided to come back to Northern Ireland, and ended up settling in Bangor and have not looked back since!

The 4 years at Bangor RFC what’s been going on there?
The last 4 years @ Bangor has seen big change at the club. The ethos in our committee has been really driving the club forward on and off the pitch, and the goal is to get back to the apex of Irish and club rugby.
The club was one of the top clubs in Ireland and Europe for a long time in the 70’s and 80’s, but we didn’t maybe continue with that and the club didn’t develop as it should have after these illustrious periods of dominance. We held onto that for too long and we fell below our playing ability, and a big part of me coming back to the club was their (the committee’s) vision. It’s something I wanted to be part of (probably quite selfishly from a coaching point of view).
A big part of this was turning the club into more than just a rugby team. We wanted to get people from the Bangor area back to play for Bangor RFC.
People like Oran Mcilmurray from Harlequins, Chris Morgan and Curtis Stewart from Instonians, are examples of guys we wanted back.
We feel that local guys playing for their local club is important, it gives them a real connection with the club, giving them something to play for. We also feel that we can create an environment off the pitch that people will want to be part of and we are quite selective about the character of the people we go after, so the rugby will to an extent look after itself but we wanted to create the environment that moves us forward together.
Most of our squad during the summer trained and socialized together. They went to the gym, socialize together and I think that’s what a lot of other clubs are looking for, and it’s the committee and the events the club has had like the Party On The Pitch, a recent fundraiser for a family that has sustained a loss and whatever it is the guys have pulled together it’s not just a place to play rugby it really is a club in every sense of the word.

Who’s the best you played with?
In NZ I played outside centre with Aaron Cruden at outhalf, I was 27/28 and 2 of my friends that had played alongside me for years together and we had a really good combination on the pitch, but when we saw this kid, my best mate at outhalf knew he had to step aside. The boy was just magic, he was 18 / 19 it was before the testicular cancer episode he was on New Zealands U20s at the time and things like that, gifted in every sense of the word.

Favourite food? Lamb Curry – my brothers (he is a chef)

Favourite Band? – Musician? Arctic Monkeys

Nick Name? MAD DOG …lol

1 word to describe you? Intense

Best Advice You ever got? That you will get a lot of advice the trick is to be able to sort out the Bull**** from the useful stuff.

Do you have a Fashion Icon lol? NO! Although Curtis Stewart @ Bangor Rugby Club he has really got me into the world of skinny jeans!

Hobbies outside of Rugby? Golf & fishing, and playing with the monkeys (kids).

Thank You Jason for this time.

To find out more about joining Bangor rugby Club or exploring the Grammar as a place to develop your child’s rugby ethos and preparation for adult rugby please do not hesitate to contact the club or school where they will assist you.


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