Psychopaths haunt the Beautiful Game – and I may be one of them David James

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A test on former SAS member Andy McNab, pictured giving a lecture at an army camp, revealed a severe lack of empathy and emotion – a trait prevalent in some of the best managers I have played under. Photograph: Martin Argles for the Guardian Martin Argles/Guardian

Top players display traits shared by psychopaths because it is often about the achievement of the individual rather than the team

I have been reading a lot about psychopaths lately. Before anyone has cause for concern, I do not mean the murderous type, I mean individuals who appear to display psychopathic tendencies in pursuing their everyday lives according to studies of them. They may be high-flying City workers or politicians. Or even Premier League footballers.

At first glance that might sound far-fetched, but consider that recent research has likened the behaviour of former US presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, JFK and George W Bush to that of psychopaths. Before we go any further let’s be clear: being a psychopath does not mean you are about to harm someone. In any case it takes a clinical assessment to diagnose someone as a psychopath………….. see more at :-

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