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The modern-day tarot deck for the cannabis lover with a TikTok attention span….

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Hollywood Psychic-Healer Launches Frequency Infused Cannabis…

Infused vodka is so passé. Frequency infused cannabis is what’s today. Created by psychic-healer Jusstine Kenzer who’s been featured in publications from Goop to Glamour, Newsweek and Time. She’s changing getting high, by spiritual design.

Reinventing the Wheel (of Fortune card) Jusstine has also curated PSYCHIC MARY Tarot: the Modern-day tarot deck for the cannabis lover with a TikTok attention span. Every package of PSYCHIC MARY cannabis contains one of the tarot cards, giving the buyer a fun free reading with each purchase. So what is frequency infused cannabis? It is cannabis that has been energetically infused with specific frequencies that curate a more protected and intuitive experience when you smoke. It might sound like a bunch of new age-y fluff, yet in blind smoke test, 100% of smokers were able to pick the cannabis that was frequency infused over cannabis that was not. How did frequency infused cannabis come about? At the height of Jusstine’s career, she unexpectedly experienced a series of near fatal events to which her life was only saved through the miraculous power of frequency healing. With 30 plus years reading and healing individuals from all walks of life, Jusstine has energetically been cleaning up individuals who are vulnerable to the effects of using some type of vice. She’s now on a passionate mission bringing the most unique, yet much needed frequency infused products to light (and the market place).

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