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Name: Alice Swan
Position: Tight Head Prop Forward
Clubs: Enniskillen RFC

When Did Rugby start For You?

I always watched the game with my Dad. He played for Portora RS as a tighthead. watching it i felt I wanted to play tight head and 2 years ago i decided to do it!

Most Memorable Moment:
LOL – I knocked out a member of my own team (during training thankfully)

Technical Development:
Enniskillen Ladies taught me how to play. My focus is pushing with all my might, getting very tightly packed with my hooker, second row and wing forward, we help each other to get into the right position. I try to keep my head up in the scrum so i can see the ball. We shout together to keep everyone in sink pushing forward to keep the ball or take the ball!

What Does A Scrum Feel Like:
My adrenaline is pumping in the scrum, it feels brilliant. I would not want to play anywhere else. When we play against as good a side as our own and win or hold our own it really feels like we have achieved something.

Who is the biggest bandit on the Enniskillen Ladies squad:
The team is littered with chancers lol, i can’t name them all!

Beers Wines Or Spirits:

Spirits lol.

What does it mean to play Prop:

There is a connection between me and my dad. It means teamwork, and when we win a scrum everyone gets cheered on to do well, it lifts everyone.

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