Professional formulas and results, without the salon price tag!

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Professional formulas and results, without the salon price tag!

With the cost of living crisis making many of us streamline our beauty routines, there’s been a huge surge in search traffic for at home alternatives, to save on salon bills. One of the breakout topics is
‘best at home waxing kit’, which has seen a 70% increase in Google searches in the UK. Step forward this High Street hero… Smooth Appeal!



DO make sure hairs are of at least 4-6 weeks growth as this will help the product grip better. Long hairs can always be trimmed down before waxing, to around ¼ inch.

DON’T wax shorter stubble hairs as it makes it difficult for wax to adhere to the hair.


DO keep the skin taut in this area as this will make waxing much less painful.


DON’T attempt an intimate area until you have mastered waxing on other areas of the body.


DO keep everything you’ll need nearby before you start. You don’t want to get caught in an uncompromising position, and the process should be as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

DON’T exfoliate skin just before waxing, as this can cause your skin to get over-exfoliated and more prone to ripping during a waxing treatment.


DO apply a cold compress, or the Smooth Appeal After Wax Gel to the area post-wax, as this will help reduce swelling, irritation or redness that may appear.

DON’T have a hot shower immediately after waxing. Taking a warm or lukewarm water shower typically softens our bodies. Therefore, if you wax after this, your skin may be irritated.

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