Pro Rugby Fitness & Conditioning Session @ Fivemiletown College on Wed 27th May 15 @ 7pm (U14 & U16) and @ 7.45pm (U18) all welcome

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Chris Shields from Ulster Rugby will hold a Fitness & Conditioning session on Wed 27th May 15 @ 7pm (U14 & U16) and @ 7.45pm (U18) all welcome…………… for more >>

The session will focus on pre-season training and will touch on:

Prepare to succeed – Importance of having a gym / conditioning programme

Nutrition + Hydration – Player accountability

Supplements – Alternatives

Recovery Strategies

Don’t turn into a Gym Monkey:

o Gym based do’s and don’ts

o Techniques before load

· Prevention before cure:

o Posture, Flexibility, Balance, Neck strengthening

· Performance lifestyle:

o Time managements

o Individual responsibility

· Player Attitude towards:

o Training Intensity

o Testing

Primarily focusing on youth – all players welcome

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