RR Printing Tempo T: 07518020228 “A Pastors Part-Time Business”

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RR Printing Tempo T: 07518020228 “A Pastors Part-Time Business”

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Pastor’s Part-time Business
This business was launched in October 2011 by myself, Robert Robb, Pastor of Enniskillen Reformed Presbyterian Church.
The reason I started this business was to try and generate enough income from it to provide 50% of my annual income. Currently I am paid by the church of which I am a minister. Due to the financial commitment of our local church and of our denomination I felt that I should make some effort to ease the church’s financial burden of having to pay me a ministers full annual salary. It is my hope that within the next three years i will, through this business, generate sufficient income to move to being only 50% funded by the church. The other 50% which would normally have been paid to the minister could then be used either to help to repay the loan on our building or alternatively to go towards a salary of another worker in Enniskillen to work alongside me or to fund a worker in a new location.

It is my hope and prayer that you will support this business.

Thank you, Robert Robb


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