Tushy, the Priceless Gift Of A Clean Booty this Christmas! www.hellotushy.com

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Tushy the Priceless Gift Of A Clean Booty this Christmas! www.hellotushy.com


The TUSHY is a modern bidet attachment that washes your rear end with a precise stream of fresh water after every bowel movement. For only $69, TUSHY easily attaches to any standard toilet in 10 minutes without plumbing or electricity and offers pressure control, a self-cleaning nozzle, and an angle adjuster. Stop the unsanitary and gross act of wiping with toilet paper and wash with TUSHY. The simple bidet will upgrade your toilet to a royal throne and leave you with that just-showered feeling every time you use the bathroom. Say goodbye to dingle berries and skid marks left behind by basic toilet paper. No matter how intense the crap, TUSHY can handle it. They also have a wonderful giveback program in which they’ve partnered with an organization called Samagra that provides clean latrine and bathrooms people affected by the Global Sanitation Crisis in the urban slums and rural India. For each TUSHY purchased, they donate to Samagra to provide a family of 7 access to clean community toilets. Giving back is what the holidays are for!

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