Prem rubgy girl, mum, PE teacher. – “Discover the Benefits of Aloe Vera… Historically known as the “medicine plant” and used for thousands of years by Egyptians, Greeks & Romans for its healing and therapeutic properties…….Dont just take our word for it, discover Forever’s wide range of premium, aloe vera based products, and see for yourself what makes our aloe vera the best from the rest.

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Prem rubgy girl, mum, PE teacher. – The Benefits of Forever Living Products, By JS Henderton
I have always loved sports and have competed in a rodeo, racing the barrels, keen skier, netballer, basketballer, swimmer and I play Premiership rugby for Worcester.
I joined FLP with Tina Gillies 3 years ago when we got chatting during one of our basketball matches. I loved the products but joined for the opportunity mainly. Since then, I stopped rugby to have my baby girl and played social 7s 3 weeks after she was born (down to drinking the gel and bathing in the liquid soap I think!) I was back starting in the Prem when Leila was 10 weeks old.
I broke my rib playing rugby and managed to recover back to prem standard only 9 weeks in instead of the recommended ‘at least 12’ due to taking the Argi+ and Freedom everyday.
I also suffered a grade 2 disruption of my AC joint in my shoulder but I am obviously still on the Argi and Freedom plus Heat and MSM when needed. Great stuff and I am now preparing to start pre season again.
I am a 34 year old second/back row for Worcester – much like Craig Gillies for the Warriors, and, like him, our FLP products have extended my rugby career by a good 2 years at least.

I am now aiming to leave 11 years of teaching PE after I become manager this year and work FLP full time!!

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