PRE-SEASON Training Feature

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In 3 weeks time 52 Clubs in ulster will embark on the 2010-2011 season.

The effort and work being put in across Ulster is massive in the preparations, the pre-season friendly encounters are taking place each weekend in the run up to the first competitive league games in early September.

Coaching, training, skills, strategy, mind-set, who will win and who will loose – you decide. Your the ones playing and you will make it happen!

Ophir 7’s this weekend, Randalstown the following, Ards and Dungannon have took their squads away on weekend training camps in the Mournes, there is talk of several other clubs doing the same thing.

Its all at stake, reputations, history, and it will all come down to teamwork. Have the right preparations taken place, who was going through the motions and who was innovating!

Who went the extra mile, made the extra phone call!

Pre-Season – it makes your entire season.

Please send us in your own images so we can get a good review of the province in pre-season in pictures, send your pictures to

Pre-Season training shots from Ballyclare – Click Here –
Pre-Season training shots from Civil Service, Ards, Ballyclare, Randalstown, and Cavan – Click Here –

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