Pre Season Preparations Underway @ Antrim Rugby Club:

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Having played their last game in early April, the club have announced that pre season is now underway. All newcomers of all levels of fitness and ability are welcome to attend.

Chairman Neil Manson said,”The general feel from people is that they are too unfit to play and continually put it off for fear of not being able to ‘hack the pace’. However in pre-season everybody is starting off on the same foot. Players who have trained all season now find themselves taking an extended break. Pre season training is the most important part of the season. Not only will it help the existing players to recover physically and psychologically, but it can prepare new players physically and psychologically for what to expect in the game of rugby. Therefore nobody has an edge over anybody in pre-season and i fully encourage all newcomers to attend…as well as the existing squad of course!We are a very social team so i’d recommend people to come down and enjoy the fun and banter among the lads.”

Training within the next few weeks is a gentle introduction to pre season to get everyone used to general exercise. However come mid July, the training schedules become much tougher to increase skill, strength, stamina, endurance levels for the coming season.

Newcomers and existing players should meet at the club at Allen Park for 7pm on a Tuesday and Thursday.

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