Post marathon essentials to help speed up muscle recovery

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One subject that continues to crop up around recovery is the importance of absorbing omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils to help ward off inflammation. The best source of these can be obtained from herring which allows the Omega3 to be absorbed into the body up to three times faster than other alternatives. The Omega3 capsule (Tom Oliver Nutrition) has a proven track record of a wide range of benefits from scientific studies. Among these, they make your body more efficient when taking energy from fat stores, whilst also helping prevent inflammation post-marathon and prevention of muscle damage and soft-tissue injury. This is because the supplements increase oxygen delivery to the heart muscle thus reducing the load from it as it needs to work less hard in order to provide oxygen for its own work. RRP £22.99, available from Holland and Barrett.


Huel’s latest nutritionally complete product, the Huel bar contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis. Being high in fibre and high in protein, these bars are essential in helping speed up recovery after long endurance exercise. The GDA for protein is around 50g per day, but this only covers the basic needs. With each bar containing 15.7g of protein, these are essential in helping your body recover properly. As you know, adequate protein intake accelerates muscle growth and speeds recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibres – essential for post marathon recovery.

Stockist: – Pack of 5 bars – £12


MELLO Watermelon juice and MELLO Watermelon seeds which are jam packed with potassium, incredibly hydrating and rich in Vitamin A & C making them perfect for a pre & post work out snack.

Watermelons are full of amino acid L-Citrulline which relieves post exercise muscle pain. They are also packed with potassium which is a key electrolyte and mineral your body needs to function properly as well as having high levels of nitric oxide (a gas that widens your blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure) reducing your risk of a stroke or a heart attack and kidney disorders.

MELLO Watermelon Seeds are not only a nutritional snack and a delicious topping for your salads and soups, but they are also packed with protein and full of iron as well being the perfect solution to get your potassium levels up.

Stockist: £3.49 Holland & Barrett (Watermelon Seeds)

Stockist: £2.49 Waitrose (Watermelon Juice)

CanO Water


After a marathon your body will be incredibly dehydrated as your muscles will of been put under pressure resulting in them to disperse and put added pressure on your heart to work harder to pump blood around your body.

CanO Water offers you an alternative to single use plastic bottles and an option that isn’t damming for your health. A report published by the NHS reveals that BPA which is an industrial chemical that is used to make plastic contaminates bottled water resulting in damaging effects to our health ranging from effecting your sleep, mood and has even been proven to promote risk of breast cancer cell growth. The risk of these results are doubled in possibility when plastic bottles are re – filled, exposed to heat or sit around on our desks for a long period of time.

Stockist: Whole Foods – 99p

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