Make dad feel good on Father’s Day with a personalised pen, blog by

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Make dad feel good on Father’s Day with a personalised pen, blog by

Forget aftershave; steer clear of socks (which are always a sure-fire sign that you’ve been caught short); don’t do the tie thing and most definitely don’t do the novelty tie thing. Come to think of it, don’t do the novelty sock thing either.

If you’re looking to avoid a panicked trip to the nearest garage at 8am on Sunday morning, think about trying a personalised pen. The colour, style and type is all up to you – it’ll arrive in a slick little case and before long it’ll be serving as surprisingly affordable heirloom material (no pianos or diamonds here, thank you).

Why personalised pens are the best Father’s Day gift

A personal engraving on anything is classic, timeless and solid gold proof of real effort (although a pen is by far and away the best option – there’s not much appetite out there for personalised bow ties). You won’t have to worry about the terrible “World’s Best dad” slogans that crop up all over mugs, or even the dreaded “This Is What A Really Cool Dad Looks Like” phrase which is emblazoned on far too many Father’s Day T-shirts. “Kiss the Chef” aprons will be gone, and instead you’ll be at liberty to choose a touching or amusing inscription that perfectly suits your dad.

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