Personalised book for dads from Beano and The Book of Everyone

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Personalised book for dads from Beano and The Book of Everyone

To celebrate 70 years of Dennis, everyone’s favourite mischief-maker has teamed up with The Book of Everyone to create a personalised book for dads. This is the perfect gift for all those dads who grew up with Beano. There’s a choice to personalise each page with quotes/images (if you wish) to make it extra special and truly a one of a kind item for your dad. You can also add a dedication!

Wise(ish) Words By Dennis is a personalised book that will have you chuckling from cover to cover. It’s full of stunning Beano illustrations all set to Dennis’s Wise(ish) Words on life. Here’s a taster:

● “Always give 100%. Unless you’re giving blood.”
● “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you throw it hard enough.”
● ‘If your kids laugh at your jokes, they’re looking for money.”

After the last year, perhaps Dennis’s spirit is just the respite we need. Especially those Dads who’ve been through so much. Reconnecting with your inner child is good for the soul and what kids adore about their dads.

Mike Stirling, Editorial Director, Beano Studios comments: “Dennis has been sharing his words of wisdom in Beanotown for over 70 years, so he’s very proud The Book of Everyone has captured his wisest and wittiest, just in time for Father’s Day. Mischief makers will love the way he’s turned each quote representing a life lesson into a mini laugh session. It’s a perfect gift for anyone you wish to treat on the occasion of Father’s Day and definitely not just for dads. ”

Prices from £20.00

Order deadlines for it to arrive in time for Father’s Day are by express shipping are 14th June for Hardback/Deluxe and 15th June for Paperback.

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