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Performance Compression Brand CEP.

Compression is a great tool for runners (active and recovery) in the build to this year’s London

CEP The Run Socks – RRP £44.95
The CEP ‘The Run Socks’ is available in a variety of colours and
styles, with knee high, calf sleeves, short socks, low-cut and no show
socks available. Featuring a comfortable blend of materials helping to
prevent blisters, reduce muscle vibration through the legs – with
Smart Dry Extreme Air Yard technology helping to wick away sweat,
keeping athletes cool, dry and comfortable.

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CEP Infrared Recovery Socks – RRP £44.95
The Infrared Recovery Socks are perfect for the promotion of blood
circulation. Key features include SMART INFRARED technology supporting
blow flow regulation, optimal calf support, reduction in muscle
vibration during movement and an anatomical adapted foot section
helping to reduce slip and blisters. Available in a variety of colours
and sizes.

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You can also enjoy the full CEP range here.

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