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The perfect gift for cycling enthusiasts this Christmas.



Hövding is a unique airbag for cyclists designed specifically for an urban environment. Proven to be eight times safer than a traditional bike helmet, the Hövding is able to protect not only a larger part of a cyclist’s head, but also the back of the neck.

Hövding is worn around the neck just like a scarf or a collar and – once on the bike and ready to go – activated by the simple clip of a button.

The revolutionary technology behind Hövding features hundreds of in-built sensors that enable it to read a cyclist’s body movements at 200 times per second. In the event of an accident, due to a complex algorithm with 2,000 rules, it is able to recognise the changes in a cyclist’s body movement patterns. Once triggered, the patented airbag technology inflates in a tenth of a second, providing full protection before impact.

During a study conducted in October 2016, Stanford University looked at the effectiveness of various head protection products. In the study, Hövding was compared directly to a traditional foam helmet in a simulation of the most common cycling accident – a single fall. The results showed Hövding to provide eight times better protection against a risk of concussion, and was found to be ‘near perfect’ in terms of protecting both the head and neck in an event of an accident.

To date, more than 60,000 Hövding airbags have been sold around the world. The company is aware of over 1,000 cases where the Hövding has protected a cyclist in an accident, potentially saving the cyclist’s life.

The Hövding is available to purchase online or through a number of retailers all around the world. Visit www.hovding.com for further information.

Ride safe. Feel free.


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