Parenting just got a little easier with KidCash >>

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Parenting just got a little easier with KidCash >>


Put power struggles in the past and power in the hands of your children as they learn about personal finance, self discipline, patience, and more through a reward system that is educational, fun and only takes a minute a day. Each kit comes with Candy, Device, Savings, Activity, and Gift Dollars; 50 Bonus Bounty sheets; 50 Violations Tickets; Bank Books; and more. Buy this parenting game changer for as little as $29.99 at!

Getting children to listen to their parents is a struggle as old as time. KidCash is a new way for parents and children to see eye to eye. KidCash helps parents to get their attention and make the lessons stick. Parents can have a fully engaging “daily review” to form a habit of face to face communication between the parent and the child. The system uses colorful cash and bonuses to motivate their children through productive behavior change. The program helps teach children to listen actively, earn their rewards, basic financial responsibility, and more.

KidCash is only $15, but parents can print for free!

Christmas is a time where we give each other gifts out of generosity and love. KidCash has always provided a free print-at-home option for parents who want to try the system or can’t afford it.

Check us out at

Happy Parenting!

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