Recipe! Banana & Almond Pancakes! From The recently published cookbook, Primal Gourmet! >

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Recipe! Banana & Almond Pancakes! From The recently published cookbook, Primal Gourmet! >



American styled pancakes. They’re fluffy, they’re creamy and they’re extremely mouth watering, but they’re also full of sugar and CARB’s, right? Wrong! Well, in this instance anyway! These creamy banana and almond protein pancakes are not only low in CARBS, but they’re also high in protein – making them the perfect post workout breakfast meal, too!

Protein is an essential part of our diet. However, many of us, without knowing it, don’t consume enough of it. Protein is an essential component to almost every cell in our body and our body uses it to help repair and rebuild muscle tissue. On top of that, the body also uses protein to make enzymes, hormones (essential for ladies who may experience hormonal issues), and to build our bones, muscles, skin tissues and blood.

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The recently published cookbook, Primal Gourmet, is packed full of delicious, healthy and beautiful recipes that prove there are healthy ways to avoid those killer sugars and carbs without having to have a bland and tasteless diet. It tells us about all the wonderful health benefits of key ingredients and even offers us advice on which recipes would help with a whole list of common ailments.

More about Steve Bennett and Primal Gourmet –
Owner of Gems TV, among other businesses, a few years ago Steve discovered he was going to be a father again for the seventh time after a big gap and at the age of 50, and wanted to get his health in check. After throwing lots of money and time into getting his hands on every bit of research and knowledge he possibly could, Steve wrote a book based on his findings – Primal Cure. He has since brought out 2 more books, a sky TV channel, a whole range of vitamins, minerals, probiotics etc, a natural skincare range – the list goes on and on.

His latest paperback has been endorsed by leading doctors, nutritionists and health experts and is the foundation of a hard-hitting campaign to help Great Britain get healthy.

Steve is on a mission to re-educate the UK population on three key principles: diet, lifestyle and environment and is donating all proceeds from book sales to The Colourful Life Foundation, providing support to children in disadvantaged areas. As a social enterprise, the Primal Cure movement provides a vitamin or mineral to a malnourished child for every Primal Supplement sold.

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