OVER 35 ACTION: Ballyclare v Malone! Now This Is How the Game Should Be Played!

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Champagne rugby, lots of fights, one or two players a little worse for wear later that night waxing lyrical about the best try they ever scored, or someone once said they could have played for Ireland, massive respect though to the hardy souls taking to the field once again although in many cases they never actually stopped playing. Sore backs, prolapsed discs, prop humped knecks, ankle straps, knee straps, no teeth! Ok now going to far, (i’m over 35 so i can say this), but lets not forget at the world cup one of the Argentinian players was atleast 40!

The over 35 league is an opportunity to relish in the sperience of rugby. Lots of experience, and lots of skill, but all played at a body weight and pace that makes for great purist rugby.

Thankyou to Daivd Irvine Gleno Photography for the superb images and great to see both teams having the time of their lives – again.

Thankyou whoever had the idea of an over 35 league – its brilliant!


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