Over 100 years of hydrating all dry skin conditions

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Over 100 years of hydrating all dry skin conditions

Our skin needs to be moisturised throughout the year; from chilly winter when our skin can get chapped and abused by the elements, right through to summer when nourished skin can help maintain any sun tans we develop.

For over 100 years, Lotil’s rich cream has been alleviating dry, cracked and chapped skin with an easily, quickly absorbed formula that doesn’t leave any greasy residue – ideal for use on the go.

Lotil uses oleic acid and glycerine which together, act as an emollient that provides super hydrating action, replenishing dry skin and reinvigorating healthy skin function to help protect against environmental factors all year long.

Not only this, but its special formulation can even help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, as the moisturiser penetrates into the deep layers of the skin for more effective, longer lasting hydration.

Lotil is stocked at all Independent Pharmacies including Boots, Amazon, Weldricks and Lloyds Pharmacy.

About LOTIL –
Anti -bacterial, Anti-fungal, preventative, curative ingredients
Provides an instant barrier to help fight infection
Easily absorbed cream for the hands, body and face
Suitable for all skin types for men, women and children
Complete skin care and skin relief
Deeply hydrating, nourishing and non-greasy formula
Multipurpose cream can also be used by outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, sports people and overseas travellers
Helps treat all dry skin conditions including the symptoms of Psoriasis, Eczema and Diabetes

When to use LOTIL –
When over washing of your hands makes them sore and chapped
When extreme weather dries out your skin
To prevent extreme weather from drying out the skin
LOTIL helps the symptoms of Athletes foot, Hemorrhoids, Atopic Dermatitis
LOTIL helps to heal cuts, rough areas and chapped skin
Anytime your skin needs extreme rehydration and repair
Whenever you require smooth, nourished, healthy skin

Lip balm £1.99
30ml £2.39
50ml £3.60
114ml original £6.61
114ml foot cream £5.92
500ml £11.99

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