Omagh Tag Rugby – The Best Night Prduces Lierally Incredible Tag Rugby Games – OMAGH EAGLES Tag Stars Are CHAMPIONNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – 900+ Action Winners Shots LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Without any exaggeration, to take players starting with tag and after 6 weeks genuinely say that the standard of the final nights games would seriously compete at the all Ireland finals is astounding. The standard of games was not only exciting but of the highest standard. Dinks, side steps, turns, twists, knees knocking together as players squezed through inpossible spaces, girl tries of international standard, teams up against far better opposition and saying sure lets have a go, final games that brought the house down (100+ strong spectators at the finals) this was a brilliant night and seriously competitive! Omagh Eagles at one point created a try from a restart on the opposition try line and took the ball to one side of the park then to the other then back again and a long, long pass which the girl caught and then ran straight past the opposition to score in the corner for the 2 ponter – WE got 900+ Action and winner shots from the whole night – CLICK HERE to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Album is called “Omagh Taq Rugby Finals Night 2013-07-26”

InTouch TV vids / interviews to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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