Omagh RFC Tag Rugby Elite Finals YOGI BEARS ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 178 SHOTS LIVE HERE!!!!!!

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The standard of tag at Omagh is excellent. Now in its 2nd year the playing community at the club has embraced the Tag Rugby tournament each year as a good bit of fun and a great way to keep fit. The tag rugby being played is very high and many of the players have built on last years excellent standard throughout their 2nd year. The competition was excellent in each game throughout and Yogi Bears really stepped up to the plate for the final as at least one other team were kneck and kneck with them on the league table. Peter Todd was there the AND GOT 170+ ACTION SHOTSSSSSSSSSS CLICK HERE for them.

A very well done to the organisers, the players, the facilities at Omach and paking are excellent, and the tournament could not have been better organised.

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