Nutty Krust Footie TV – THE SEMI FINALLLLLLLLLLLL 1 Portadown RFC v Malone RFC Action Vids, Tries, Penalties – WHAT A GAME – Check It Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Nutty Krust Floodlit Fottie Tournament FINAL is on this Tuesday Night @ Chambers Park Portadown RFC KO is 1945 – IF you are free then get there for what will be an unbelievable feast of rugby. If you can;t make it then watch Nutty KRust TV live from Chambers Park click here for channel. WE GOT the triesssssssssssssssssss from Portadown RFC v Malone SEMI FINALLLLLLLLLL Below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[youtube rgappGcSlm4]
[youtube bxMj5ir76ts]
[youtube RtHqCeX-4sE]
[youtube gL4v5UMeCaI]
[youtube e-csz48MBZ4]
[youtube IU-MmOYj7BM]
[youtube wQwLmI4Gphg]
[youtube Q__j4QNXKf8]
[youtube Y7THEMFqObI]
CLICK HERE for action shots
[youtube j-KCeGqfYp4]
[youtube 40jAX-67vvw]
[youtube DBdA8aTyKrI]
[youtube uyYDplD_myM]
[youtube 4gt6wJa1Gg0]
[youtube yk-tQdMJnds]
[youtube w9G3R-ggkHo]
[youtube KyvH2Oz0c1s]
[youtube nxljg5o7emQ]
[youtube Ro7ZVpM7hQc]
CLICK HERE for action shots
[youtube h1QORszwI18]
[youtube i8eTzR6vTXs]
[youtube 4KpgYiY_ccA]
[youtube 2sD9EquigR0]
[youtube LtpVYH-O1oY]
[youtube L_PrA9c44TU]
[youtube Lr1k0zBzYFo]
CLICK HERE for action shots
[youtube pTj6Cat1f2k]
[youtube YR628wZ0su8]
[youtube L-OCHPCLoeg]
[youtube _ZqWjBcB7kg]
[youtube CVtESPW0KqU]
[youtube Z3Co5FfzxqI]
[youtube abcywXXtxcA]
[youtube SCJkr0xoLp4]
[youtube uH6PpIrsvCU]
[youtube 2y1sVGMyZAo]
CLICK HERE for action shots

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