Nutty Krust Floodlit Tourno: Portadown RFC U19 I XV v Lurgan RFC U19 I XV In 250+ Action Shottss LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The level of rugby has risen inexorably over the past years and tonight club rugby @ U19 level showed what two teams can produce on the pitch and be a shinning example of what every person is capable of. It is simply impossible to describe what these players on both sides achieved tonight. Literally the most passionate and perfect execution of defending and attacking that we have seen. The future and the past did not matter tonight and if neither team ever reach that place tonight again they will remember what it was like to let go of all thoughts except the betterment of their club and team and themselves in the perfecting of the game. This game is difficult and requires alot of practice and the structures that exist at both these clubs have produced something literally breathtaking. Their was no hesitation tonight, there was simply execution, there could have been 1 million people watching or the 250 or so who were there or no one as is so often the case during the season in the leagues and so on, but it would not have mattered if 2 billion people were watching this game, both these teams were simply fulfilling every dream they have of winning and every single person on the pitch did that.


The grit, the dogged fight – its so good

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