Nutty Krust Has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic First night, Rugby Atmosphere, Professionalism Throughout

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Impressions first night, could not fault Larne or Ballymena on an excellent game! Great organisation from the Nutty Krust tournament organisers and now in its 36th year, these are innovators, drivers of progress, and the teams who have entered are what its all about. Rugby Union the best sport in the world, without question the best. A game of margins, every score on Wednesday night was margins, a turn of step, an acceleration, teamwork, forwards making the hard yards and wanting nothing more than to smash that ball up, swivelling round to get the ball back, scrum half in and recycle to take 200% advantage of the panic defence, sound kicking, and excitement throughout, if this first game is anything to go by then we are in for another fantastic tournment!!!! Count down to the final in 10 weeks time, 76 short days. This will require total dedication between now and then, coaches, players concentrating and focusing on the objectives and balancing the objectives in other competitions! Bring on the Games, C U Next WEEK lads!

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