Nuheara Hearing Buds Help Active Dads with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss.

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Nuheara IQbuds BOOST


They’re sleek Bluetooth earbuds that help people with mild hearing loss (1 out of 6 Americans) hear perfectly under any conditions: a backyard barbeque, a concert, even a windy trail hike or bike ride:

They cost thousands less than a hearing aid and deliver “20/20 hearing” (20Hz-20Khz) without the need to visit an audiologist. In addition to amplifying and sharpening incoming sounds, they also deliver brilliant audio. Users can customize the settings of their IQbuds BOOST with an app that comes paired with the device.

They’re perfect for hip adults who could use a little help with their hearing, but either don’t want or aren’t ready for a traditional hearing aid.

For families who argue over the TV volume, Nuheara provides a perfect solution.


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