Northern Bank Schools’ Cup Preview: Captain’s Thoughts: + Pictures

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John Creighton and Paddy Bell with the Northern Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup


Ahead of the Northern Bank Ulster Schools’ Cup Final on 17th March, the Ulster Branch spoke to the captains of both teams to get their thoughts on the game.

John Creighton, Captain of Campbell College Belfast:

“It’s my first experience of a St Patrick’s Day Final so I’m really looking forward to it. We know Inst are a very good side this year and have some great players.”

“We had really tough games against Methody but that has built up our fitness. There’s a bit of tiredness but all the knocks should be shaken off by Thursday.”

Paddy Bell, Captain of Royal Belfast Academical Institution:

“I’m really looking forward to the game; the Schools’ Cup Final is an amazing occasion. I played two years ago as a replacement which was a taster and I can’t wait until Thursday.”

“Our forwards are our strength and I think Campbell know that as well. Campbell have talented backs but you can’t use them if you don’t have the ball.”

“Obviously Campbell have played more games recently but I don’t think that will affect them. The three games they played against Methody were tough but we had two games against Armagh. We have done a lot of training over the last two weeks and now it’s tapering off.”

“Most of the school are going and I’m sure there will be a massive crowd.”

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