Norman Harper Gun Sales Maguiresbridge T: 02867721395

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NORMAN HARPER is  an independant Local store based in Maguiresbridge Co.Fermanah,N.Ireland specialising in firearms of all types inc antique firearms,black powder revolvers,black powder rifles,Shotguns by Beretta,Miroku,Browning, Rifles by Ruger,CZ,Anschutz,Remington and Ammunition by Eley,Nobel Sport,B&P,CCI etc. Telescopic sights,electronic vermin callers,snares traps ,clay pigeon traps,clays,rifle targets.We have access to local gunsmith repair facilities.The home loader who reloads his own ammo is well catered for with a stock of reloading powders and primers as well as heads, and reloading tools to match.We also stock Dog Cages,Dog Pens,Dog Kennels,Insulated Dog Kennels.Gardening tools and mowers especialy Husqvarna Rideon mowers and chain saws as well as spare parts and provide a maintenance service.A sample of the stock is shown here in the website and while it is updated on a regular basis please contact me for any items you may want which are not featured on the website.ROI custimores can find usefull links to PSNI site for downloading visitors licence APPLICATION forms/fees and importation licence application forms ontheir links page >>

Main Street
Northern Ireland


Telephone: 02867721395
Fax: 02867721395
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