NIPF: We do POWER. Deadlift, Bench Press, Squat: Records Set 18.08.12 In ULSTER. We have one goal – to be the best in the world.

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This is what we are all about, we eat, breath and sleep power. We do it every week for 52 weeks of the year. We have one goal in mind. To be the best federation in the world. We are available to introduce the techniques for sheer power that we have been refining in Ulster for 25 years. Contact us for anything to do with power. website HERE.

james Mcilwaine 66kgclass -85kg bench-unequip u18

kris boyce 66kgclass -115kg bench-unequip sen

josephine Mcallister 72kgclass lady -55kg bench-unequip sen

laurence bunting 74kgclass -127.5kg bench-unequip u23

sean ryan 74kgclass -127.5kg bench-unequip sen

trevor harvey 74kgclass -70kg bench-unequip m3

dessie scott 74kgclass -87.5kg bench-unequip m4

mark nugent 83kgclass -190kg bench-equip sen

ashley dallas 83kgclass -140kg bench-unequip sen

jim McNicholas 83kgclass -90kg bench-unequip m2

naomi McLean 84kgclass lady -55kg bench-unequip sen

ryan rainey 93kgclass -70kg bench-unequip u16

darren McKeown 93kgclass -145kg bench-unequip u20

ryan stewart 93kgclass -200kg bench-equip u20

jonny boyd 93kgclass -140kg bench-unequip u23

randall crooks 93kgclass -172.5kg bench-unequip sen

william newell 93kgclass -100kg bench-unequip m1

miles hutchinson 105kgclass 145kg bench-unequip u20

adrian McCullagh 105kgclass -200kg bench-unequip u23

ciaran conroy 105kgclass -135kg bench-unequip sen

adam McCombe 105kgclass -60kg bench-unequip m1

sammy porter 105kgclass -145kg bench-unequip m2

mike gabbey 105kgclass -85kg bench-unequip m3

brian coombes 120kgclass -187.5kg bench-unequip sen

colin wright 120kgclass -177.5kg bench-unequip m1

brian steele 120+kgclass -215kg bench-unequip sen

leslie steele 120+kgclass -245kg bench-equip sen

william johnston 120+kgclass -115kg bench-unequip m3

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