Night Lenses: A Game Changer in Rugby … Night lenses correct your vision while you sleep giving you freedom from glasses and day lenses during the day. Perfect sight with nothing in your eyes – nothing to fall out while playing sport! See more at :-

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Night Lenses are contact lenses for short sighted people that corrects their sight harmlessly while they sleep. Remove in the morning and have perfect sight all day, no need for glasses or day lenses. The effect wears off after 24 hours, repeat nightly. A game changer for rugby because it means this photo below will never happen again:
(David McCann, Ulster, 2 weeks ago)

Parent Tom Griffiths says: “My son who couldn’t see a few feet in front of him when his specs fell off now walks around with perfect sight all day, nothing in his eyes or on his face. It’s incredible. Rugby players who wear contact lenses have full freedom, no lens to worry about that could get mud in it or dislodged. Kids no longer have to wear sports glasses. It’s a game changer.”
Read “Night lenses changed my life”, the story of Oisin McVeigh a 17-year-old rugby players whos’ life has been changed by Night Lenses:

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