New Announcement Physio Evolution The Evolution of Physio comes to Belfast

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New Announcement: Physio Evolution- The Evolution of Physio comes to Belfast


Belfast, Ireland, 31st March 2014: Physio Evolution is pleased to announce and to introduce itself as the new Chartered Physiotherapy service provider in Belfast thereby allowing Belfast residents the assurance that their needs will be addressed and they can enjoy the convenience and accessibility of this service. Physio Evolution is scheduled to open two clinics in Belfast and has announced plans that more clinics are scheduled to be opened later in the year.


Physio Evolution is founded and owned by Patrick McGrann, a Chartered Physiotherapist who has worked in private practice as well as sport. Originally from Northern Ireland McGrann saw an opportunity to provide an excellent physiotherapy service that would increase accessibility, convenience and continuity for customers in Northern Ireland.


During the first week of April two Physio Evolution clinics will be opened in Northern Ireland- one at Belfast City Centre (Cromac Square) and one at Belfast’s Lisburn Road.  These clinics will be open from 07:30 until 20:30 Monday to Friday so clients can fit their appointments around their working day.  On Saturdays both clinics will be open from 10:00 to 14:00. These clinics will be providing a range of services inclusive of physiotherapy, personal injury and sports rehabilitation.


“I want to provide accessibility and convenience for our customers while creating jobs for Physiotherapists in Northern Ireland,” says McGrann. Clients will be pleased to know that the service they are receiving is one of impeccable quality from highly experienced professionals. As McGrann explains, “We are starting with 4 onsite Physiotherapists who have years of experience working in the NHS, elite sports, the work place and private practice. All our physiotherapists are chartered and registered with the Professions Council providing peace of mind for our new customers. We also have a dedicated customer service to ensure that calls to customers don’t go unanswered.”

He adds, “We believe that if you need to see a physio you should be able to, as quickly as possible.  And that’s what we aim to do. We will try to make sure our customers get an appointment on the day they call, or at least during the next business day after they have contacted us. By offering a choice of location, booking options, opening early and closing late we hope to achieve this. At the moment we have 2 locations but we want to open more to provide accessibility and convenience for our customers.”

Visit Physio Evolution at @PhysioEvoclinic or for more information. Embrace the evolution of physio!


About Physio Evolution: Physio Evolution is a Physiotherapy Clinic founded and owned by Chartered Physiotherapist, Patrick McGrann. Patrick McGrann has extensive experience in private practice as well as sport. The Physio Evolution  team of physiotherapists are chartered and registered with the Profession Council. It is committed to providing accessible, convenient services to its clients.

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