PhD Nutrition Launches New Natural Performance Range, Fronted by Luke Campbell MBE

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PhD Nutrition Launches New Natural Performance Range, Fronted by Luke Campbell MBE

New range provides natural and clean nutrition to help achieve peak performance


PhD Nutrition, the leading sports nutrition brand, has today announced the launch of a new range of natural performance products. The new range offers a natural alternative for people who are committed to achieving peak performance as part of their training. It is fronted by London 2012 Olympic gold medal winning boxer Luke Campbell MBE, who is a prime example of an athlete who is committed to training hard, eating well and using the benefits of PhD Nutrition to boost his performance.

Responding to a growing demand for free from, natural products, PhD identified an opportunity to deliver natural performance nutrition to newcomers, beginners, converts and those who previously believed protein and performance nutrition to be too complicated or ‘unnatural’. The natural performance range is perfect for those who don’t necessarily want to build muscle, but who want to improve their sports performance, recover faster, look better and tone up in a healthy way.

The new range contains five products, including Performance Greens, a natural blend of plant proteins and fruit extracts which includes Oxxynea, a Mediterranean polyphenol concentrate from a selection of 22 natural extracts and concentrates. The other products in the range are Protein Superfood, a high protein superfood blend containing over 14g of protein per 25g serving (launched earlier this year); Natural Whey, a grass-fed whey protein with 18g of protein per 25g serving; and a Protein Superfood Smoothie and Protein Supergrains Bar, for on-the-go fuelling pre- or post-training.

The release of the new natural performance range comes at a time when consumers are looking for cleaner and naturally-sourced nutrition to supplement their training. By adopting a more holistic approach to their training regime, the everyday pro can work with their body to reduce their intake of synthetic and manmade substances without sacrificing their performance goals. The products within the range make use of premium ingredients such as dandelion greens, pea protein, matcha tea, bee pollen powder, brown rice protein and apple cider vinegar powder, chosen for their unique

nutritional qualities, alongside moringa powder, kelp, spirulina and coconut milk. All of the products taste great and are naturally flavoured and naturally sweetened using thaumatin, a naturallyoccurring protein from the katemfe fruit.

PhD offers consumers a new generation of performance nutrition through natural, clean and nutritious products, increasing their ability to not only train hard but to also optimise their nutrition.

Luke Campbell commented, “I am a firm believer in eating clean and training hard to get results. It’s a combination of committed training, a healthy diet and PhD that gives me that extra 15% in my performance. The new Natural range offers athletes from all sporting disciplines the opportunity to incorporate natural products into their regimes.”

These are the first nutritional supplements to successfully span the free-from, clean and sports performance sectors.

The PhD Natural Performance range launches mid-November and is available from selected retailers and online at

Natural Performance Range product ingredients and information:

Protein Superfood, the range’s signature product, supplies over 14g of protein per 25g serving, derived exclusively from plant sources, with super healthy greens and wholefood powders like sweet potato and pumpkin providing clean and nutritious carbohydrates and fibre.

Free from gluten, dairy and soya, it offers an ideal alternative to dairy protein sources, such as whey protein and milk protein, but can just as easily be used alongside them to ensure a balanced and versatile nutritional plan. Naturally flavoured and sweetened with thaumatin, it comes in three delicious flavours: chocolate, super berries and banana. Protein Superfood (500g) RRP: £24.99

Performance Greens is a natural blend of 16 greens and fruit extracts which boosts your daily intake of super greens. It contains Oxxynea®, an antioxidant concentrate of bioactive polyphenols which delivers a similar amount of polyphenols as the level within 5 servings of the most consumed fruit and vegetables. Performance Greens also contains apple cider vinegar; moringa powder, an excellent source of Vitamin A, E and B2; dandelion greens, which are rich in iron, Vitamin K and A and protein; and bee pollen powder, high in antioxidants. Free from gluten, dairy and soya, naturally flavoured and sweetened with no added sugars, it comes in two flavours: pineapple & mango and unflavoured. Performance Greens (165g) RRP: £19.99

Natural Whey is a grass-fed whey protein with natural flavouring and sweetener, high in protein (18g per 25g serving) and naturally high in Vitamin B12 and selenium, as well as providing a natural source of calcium and phosphorus. Low in fat and sugar, with no added sugars, it is also soya and gluten free. It is available in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours, and is designed to taste great when mixed with water. Natural Whey (500g) RRP: £24.99

Protein Superfood Smoothie is a high protein smoothie, delivering 20g of protein from high quality pea protein and coconut milk in a convenient squeezy pouch. Coconut milk is an excellent source of manganese, which protects from oxidative stress and contributes to a healthy metabolism, and pea protein is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). The perfect convenient snack, it can be used pre- or post-workout, without compromising on taste or quality. It is available in mango & banana flavour. Superfood Smoothie (130g) RRP: £2.49

Protein Supergrains Bar is a natural protein and energy bar packed full of super grains, seeds and protein. Buckwheat, flax seeds and quinoa mean they are high in soluble and insoluble fibre, folate, copper and iron, as well as being a good source of protein and complex carbohydrates. Designed to be a convenient snack for post-workout or mid-afternoon pre-gym session, they are available in two flavours: peanut butter crunch and dark chocolate & raspberry. Protein Supergrains Bar (45g) RRP: £1.99

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