A-Box.com, the new film and entertainment mystery box contender.

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A-Box.com, the new film and entertainment mystery box contender.

Presents for the masses!



You may have heard the chatter about the hottest new subscription mystery box company, A-Box.com after their first mystery box was revealed and it really is interesting..

If you haven’t heard of mystery boxes, then let me explain. Every month you get a box of goodies to surprise yourself with. The these boxes can vary in style and quality so depending on what you have signed up for. You can sign up for anything from food to games. It’s a great way to treat yourself without having to shop and there is a movement on sites like YouTube with influencers doing unboxing videos.

With the team at A-Box.com, their focus is on the quality of the products and offering things that are licensed or exclusive, so they have offered free returns if you aren’t happy within 45 days, which is very rare in the subscription box space. You can tell from the unboxing videos of the Alien box, that every item is good quality, from the smallest items to the giant replica. The Alien Covenant Box unboxing videos are really fun so check them out on YouTube!

A-Box.com have been intriguing in their rise because the people behind the box have been selling to film and entertainment studios directly for a very long time, but their merchandise isn’t usually available to the public. Now their items, which are licensed and limited can only be purchased through the mystery box, making it very exclusive indeed!

It’s an amazing gift idea as well to get a loved one as well. Buying a year’s subscription for example means they get presents every month. Or you can get a more expensive limited edition version and the contents will be worth double to triple what you could have otherwise purchased. Especially if you are an avid movie and entertainment fan!

Check them out!


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