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“The EMPpad will help reduce stress and muscle tension, boost energy levels and shorten recovery time – all great stuff for runners.”
Men’s Running – 8-week trial of EMPpad Omnium1

“The pattern of using it for eight minutes in the morning and again in the evening, may well have contributed to the improved pattern of sleep I enjoyed and I certainly had no real muscular issues after training heavily”
Forever Sports – 8-week trial of EMPpad Omnium1

“An interesting development for runners and triathletes alike”
220 Triathlon – EMPpad Omnium1 reviewed

 Based on technology developed by NASA, EMPpad Omnium1 is the result of 15 years’ research and development and is FDA approved and backed by scientists, medical practitioners and a rapidly growing number of professional sportspeople worldwide

 EMPpad Omnium1 is a custom-built Android tablet that powers a special pad that rugby players lie on to receive a pulsed magnetic field, that has been shown to help rejuvenate cells in the body and promote better all-round health

 Enhanced performance, reduced recovery time, less stress and better sleep – just some of the benefits experienced by rugby players in just a few weeks with eight minutes daily use of EMPpad Omnium1

EMPpad Omnium1 is the exciting new health technology combining NASA-developed Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology with an Android tablet that is being used by rugby players around the world to help give them a competitive edge by boosting their performance, speeding up recovery times and reducing stress. It is available to buy now exclusively at

Backed by scientists, practitioners and a growing number of professional sportspeople, as well as doing everything that you’d expect a tablet to do, such as emailing, Wi-Fi, surfing the Internet, the EMPpad Omnium1 has been specially designed and manufactured with a super-powerful battery that allows it to send electro-magnetic pulses through the body via an attached pad that rugby players lie on for a few minutes each day to directly treat their body’s cells and ‘jump start’ the healing process at a cellular level.

Research into PEMF therapy that the EMPpad delivers has highlighted areas that can lead to profound health improvements that are greatly benefiting rugby players of all ages and abilities. These include natural pain relief, improved circulation to tissues, improved tissue repair and regeneration and improved tissue detoxification. Individual performance, fitness and recovery from training or injury can all be enhanced with regular use of the EMPpad Omnium1.

With the amount of rugby matches that are played at elite level, avoiding injury is understandably a key concern for all rugby players. Whilst there are many factors that can contribute to a player becoming injured, combating the negative effects of overtraining or failing to adequately recover from a match or training session is vitally important. This is especially the case in young players. Research has demonstrated that the PEMF technology featured within the EMPpad Omnium1 can help to speed up muscle tissue recovery by inducing heat stress protein (hsp70) expression, acting to protect the cells and tissues within the body before, during and following a training session or rugby match.

Should an injury occur, involving muscle, ligament, cartilage or bone tissue, pain and inflammation are a common theme. Research shows that PEMF therapy can help to stimulate endorphins to provide natural pain relief and can also help to reduce inflammation, improving injury recovery time. Extensive research has also demonstrated improved healing of bone fractures, therefore helping to significantly improve the recovery time from injuries such as stress fractures and impact trauma.

Another increasingly important issue for professional rugby players is dealing with the stress and pressure of the modern game. For young professional rugby players this can even mean physical and mental burnout due to the high demands that are placed on them. Research has shown that daily use of PEMF therapy alters stress responses in the body by acting directly on key related components, including the nervous and endocrine systems, together with the organs and cells of our body. It can also help the body become less reactive to prolonged episodes of stress.

An area that is often overlooked is how well a player sleeps. The quality of sleep that a player has can affect performance, energy, mental focus and concentration. It can also contribute to consistency of performance, recovery time from injury, higher motivation levels and improved decision-making. PEMF therapy can improve sleep by stimulating the hypothalamus, which controls circadian and sleep rhythms. When applied at night it is also capable of reducing brainwave frequency by a process called entrainment, helping to cause drowsiness and keep the brain in a sleeping state for longer.

Finally, where joint injuries or pre existing conditions such as osteoarthritis may make training and playing more difficult, numerous studies have highlighted the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy, helping to improve repair and regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue and enabling an individual to continue to train, exercise and perform effectively.

EMPpad’s Samuel Maddock says: “Never before has there been such scope for rugby players to get to grips with their health like that offered by EMPpad Omnium1. There are many personalised health products on the market that will monitor your health, but the EMPpad Omnium1 also provides a solution, being able to treat the cells in your body and improve rugby player’s health and well-being. We’re delighted to hear such positive feedback from our customers about the results they are getting using EMPpad Omnium1.”

Notes to editors

What is PEMF & How Does PEMF Work?

PEMF therapy is a method of applying a magnetic field to the cells in the body, sending them a weak electrical signal and influencing the interaction of the ions and the flow of nutrients within the cell. EMPpad Omnium1 iMRS produces an electromagnetic pulse at an intensity and frequency that mimics the Earth’s magnetic field. Extensive worldwide research has demonstrated that PEMF therapy initiates a process called ‘cellular resonance’, which in turn energises the cells of the body. In effect this acts to “jump start” the healing process in the body at the cellular level.

EMPpad iMRS technology uses only earth-based PEMF frequencies and intensities, which research highlights as being the safest and best for healing. Just like the earth’s magnetic field, the EMPpad iMRS delivers an electromagnetic field that is slightly stronger at the feet than at the head. The EMPpad iMRS has a built in biorhythm clock which delivers the right frequency for the time of day that you use it, ensuring that users are always bright and alert in the morning and relaxed and ready for sleep at night. In addition, the technology uses both square wave and saw tooth waveforms, which research shows are the best for healing and also ensures that users’ bodies keep responding to the PEMF therapy.

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