Mykonos, the Island of the Winds: is it worth visiting?

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Mykonos, the Island of the Winds: is it worth visiting?

At the end of a long, gruelling season on the rugby pitch, players are often looking for a place to unwind. Many look towards the Caribbean or Mexico, while there are those among us that opt for Mykonos hotels or California or taking the family on a Floridian adventure.

Others opt for closer to home such as any of the many Spanish resorts that are just a few hours’ flight away. Of course, the other popular European destination is Greece and its eclectic collection of stunningly beautiful islands. All of these islands boast fascinating histories as well as out of this world geology and amazing beaches, set among the cool turquoise seas.

One of the most prominent of these is the Island of the Winds, also known as Mykonos. Part of the Cyclades island complex of the southern Aegean Sea, the island is located close to Delos, one of the most important historical Ancient Greek sites and home to one of the top archaeological sites in Greece.

Mykonos boasts pretty much anything you could want in a destination, a party atmosphere, relaxation, luxury, you name it you can have it all here. Take, for instance, Ornos on the west of the island. Here you can find the luxurious four star Adorno Suites hotel where you can holiday in bliss, building up your energy levels for the upcoming grassroots rugby union season in Ulster and Ireland.

Here, you can take advantage of their top of the range wellness areas which includes a fitness room and a treatment room, both of which are perfect for that end of season wind down. Just because you will be in relax mode doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness levels drop over the summer. The resort includes a modern and stylish fitness area, equipped with the latest sports equipment perfect for your daily workout. The health and fitness section is fully equipped with all of the latest exercise equipment in order for you to meet all of your daily workout goals. This will allow you to maintain all of your good fitness habits and re-energize your body for the up coming season ahead.

Should you require it, there is also a treatment room where you can enjoy blissful moments of relaxation as well as holistic spa treatments for both the face and body courtesy of the on site therapeutic techniques that are suitable for everyone. These services also includes personalised massage treatments that offer unique moments of relaxation.

There is also a top of the line workspace complete with its own library that offers up a wide variety of books. And, of course, this being Greece you can expect glorious sunshine and stunning sea views out on the terrace where there is a bar and restaurant and swimming pool where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply pool side snacks. All of the rooms offer state of the art amenities as well as luxury amenities, perfect for getting yourself ready for the upcoming rugby season ahead.

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