Inessa Wellness Launches Advanced Multi-Vitamin.

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Inessa Wellness Launches Advanced Multi-Vitamin

Inessa Wellness Advanced Multivitamin is a company founded by Aliza Marogy, who has shared her own story on her struggle for good health.

Aliza’s story

Aliza suffers with an auto-immune condition named Ulcerative Colitis, which causes severe inflammation of the rectum and colon. Sufferers can experience severe symptoms which include agonising abdominal pain, frequent emptying of bowels and chronic fatigue, among others.

Aliza was misdiagnosed until the age of 18, by which time her symptoms had worsened and she was prescribed a heavy dose of steroids, plus a lifetime maintenance drug to suppress the immune system. On the medication, Aliza developed a tremor, lost a significant amount of weight, lost nearly all of her hair and faced the prospect of a colostomy bag.

Desperate for another solution, Aliza told the doctor she would do her own research, and try a change of diet based on what she found.

Astonishingly, and to the doctor’s surprise, Aliza’s strict new diet meant that her condition stabilised. He insisted she would still need an operation, but Aliza stood firm. Within a year, Aliza was in full remission- confirmed by a full colonoscopy.

Aliza’s personal experiences, in which typical medicine failed her and the doctors were at a loose end, motivated her to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist.

The Founding of Inessa Wellness

Years on, Aliza founded Inessa Wellness, working with a GMB certified lab to create a high-quality multivitamin that has all the nutrients you need in one tablet. The aim was to set aside the need to buy multiple products for different issues, and Aliza scouted the UK to find a lab that could put all the nutrients into one tablet.

Years of research have gone into a product that the body will benefit from; every inch of this multi vitamin has been thought about, from the recommended dosages to actually have an impact, all the way down to the coating. Inessa’s vitamins are orange with a strong smell; that’s because they aren’t coated with the usual titanium dioxide which is a carcinogenic.

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