Motion Nutrition Launch Classic Collagen.

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Motion Nutrition Launch Classic Collagen
The Only Collagen on the Market to Combine Marine And Bovine

Motion Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of their new supplement Classic Collagen. Bringing two-collagen hero’s together Bovine & Marine. The debate about which collagen to take has been going on for years and the team at Motion Nutrition decided enough is enough and produced a collagen with 50 % Bovine peptides and 50% Marine peptides, meaning you will get type I, II, and III collagens in each serve.

Collagen is mostly found in our skin, bones and connective tissues, it helps keep joints supple, is great for wrinkles and smooth skin and good for our bones. Collagen naturally decreases with age and although our bodies can make it, it is good to supplement or eat it. There are lots of different types of collagen in your body, four in fact. Supplementing with a Bovine collagen is beneficial for types I and III and supplementing with a Marine collagen is beneficial for types II and I.

Motion Nutrition Classic 50:50 Collagen is sold in a plastic free refillable tin. It can be added to tea, coffee or food as it flavour less and can be taken at any time during the day.

Classic Collagen 
RRP £39.99

About Motion Nutrition
Motion Nutrition was born in 2015 and offers a range of natural, honest and free-from-junk products designed to help life work better, from protein powders to natural energy boosters and sleep aids. Motion Nutrition is designed to help people sleep deeper, stress less and have more energy.

About Joe Welstead, CEO of Motion Nutrition
Joe Welstead is a former professional athlete turned founder and CEO of Motion Nutrition, a wellness company dedicated to helping you stress less, sleep deeper and live happier.

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