Espressos all ‘round! MooGoo’s Coffee Scrub Smooths

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Espressos all ‘round! MooGoo’s Coffee Scrub Smooths


Believe it or not, Coffee is great for your skin! Busy mums around the world are realising the countless benefits associated with using a coffee scrub.

Like everything, however, not all coffee scrubs are created equally. Leading Australian natural skin care brand, MooGoo, has released its sensational Espresso Exfoliant Coffee Scrub which contains finely ground fresh, virgin coffee meaning your skin gets all the caffeine! The scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells creating a blank canvas for your moisturising routine.

Regular exfoliation with a coffee scrub can actually lead to your skin becoming healthier in appearance and function! Furthermore, the caffeine found in coffee scrubs typically increases blood flow, and may reduce the appearance of cellulite, giving your skin a more even tone. Once the dead skin has been exfoliated away, your largest organ works more efficiently to expel those yucky toxins and soaks in lots of nourishment. It can even reduce puffy eyes. MooGoo scrub users have told us they like to apply a little bit of scrub around the eye area in the morning, giving them an instant pick-me-up.

If you suffer from inflamed, sensitive or uneven skin tone, MooGoo Espresso Exfoliant has effective moisturising ingredients including Squalene and Coconut Oil which are designed to help calm your skin and prevent premature ageing, improve stretch marks and skin imperfections.

So how do I use a coffee scrub effectively? It’s easy:

We recommend hopping in the shower … Scoop out desired amount and mix with a little bit of water. Massage on the skin in a circular motion. You will be getting a bit brown and dirty – it’s coffee af ter all – but the results are worth it. Rinse off, dry off and moisturise.
Repeat 3-4 times a week
That’s it – simple as that!

Finally…. this is probably the most important reason to get onboard the MooGoo Espresso Exfoliant Coffee Scrub bandwagon – it’s safe and all natural! There is no need to worry about exposing your skin to harsh ingredients such as parabens, glycols, silicones and more. Click to find out more about MooGoo’s Espresso Exfoliant.


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