FIORELLE Bamboo RAE-YOGA non-slip TOE SOCKS! For the modern Bohemian Girl >>

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FIORELLE Bamboo RAE-YOGA non-slip TOE SOCKS! For the modern Bohemian Girl >>


These Bamboo Rae-Yoga Socks would be the perfect gift for girls of all ages! They are made from a bamboo blend, which makes them antibacterial, light and soft. Being made from bamboo also makes them more resistant to odors, which is certainly a plus in any sort of exercise. They have a very stylish no-slip grip on the bottom which keeps you from sliding whether on your mat or on the floor. These original socks are a no-show style, and has a grip on the inner heel to ensure they wont slip off your feet.

Enjoy the soft, breathable yoga socks that are so comfortable to wear, you’ll forget you have them on!

10 reasons to LOVE Rae-Yoga toe socks:

1. Non-skid sole design. Exercise anywhere, without a mat!

2. Sole design extends to all the toes for best traction in difficult poses.

3. Non-slip gel tab on heel helps keep socks in place.

4. Bamboo blend. Bamboo socks are antiallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal – goodbye, cooties!

5. Odor-resistant – so long, smelly sweaty socks!

6. Softer than cotton, almost like cashmere! Excellent for sensitive skin.

7. Light, breathable, moisture-wicking. Keeps your feet cool and dry.

8. Our non skid socks are grippy but not bumpy like the socks with silicone dots.

9. Eco-friendly. Bamboo is rapidly renewable, grows with 1/3 less water than cotton and virtually no pesticides or herbicides.

10. Our original sole design is sure to inspire you!

Simply the BEST yoga socks, in a value pack of two

– For men and women

– Perfect for yoga, barre, pilates and ballet

– Easy care: machine wash cold. Dry on low.

– Size M/L fits US shoe size 8.5-11

– Rae-Yoga socks come in fully recyclable, responsible sourced packaging.

Buy with confidence!

100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy with your purchase, return them within 30 days for a full refund!

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