Message For The IRFU. The New Ulster Rugby Community Knows Its SNR Leadership is not fit for purpose & the NEW Generation is Ready to Engage With Forward Thinking and Experienced Leadership to Move Our Province Forward. WE ARE READY

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The NEW GENERATION of Ulster Rugby Community has over the past 5-7 years been absorbing new ideas, developing new ways of problem solving and seeing life and rugby as an opportunity, our clubs and schools have given their time and energy in bucket loads and we have educated our minds and we have moved into a new era. We have known all along that our leaders are not fit for purpose and are incapable, and we have swept it under the carpet and ignored it and carried them over the past 5 years.

But we are now ready to engage with real coaches and real communicators, we can now hear what we could not hear before because we have worked at this and we no longer wish to be bullied.

We want you to know that we are ready to develop our province and to develop players from our schools and clubs but we need Coaches and leaders from communications leadership to CO to Directors and SNR coaches who understand the CULTURE that we now know is the way forward.

We are ready to develop our province, the province of Ulster to develop rugby players and give them the pathways to make it onto their local club sides, their school sides, interpro sides, to make it onto the Ulster team and the Ireland team from 15s, to ladies rugby, to 7s, to tag rugby. This sort of leadership and culture comes from the top, we already have it in our clubs and schools but we need it in our provincial set up.


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