Mermaid cat by Sonia Butterworth, Journalist & Mum

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It was the eve of my son’s first day of school before he would begin a whole new way of life and into the world of serious ‘growing up’ stuff.
The first ‘P’ of which, the total seven, we are hoping will help him profoundly form the basis of his learning and friendships for possibly the rest of his life. It was also the start of my daughter’s pre-school year which, in essence, meant for the first time in 5 years I’d be able to run to the shop (easily), sip my tea undisturbed, go for a wee without two other people being in the bathroom or just go back to sleep without the concern of a little person’s welfare.

My experience of having young children has been a roller coaster of emotions: elation, frustration, mesmerizing, overwhelming, scary and just so maddening at times. But one thing has remained consistent; there is never any spare time! So on the eve of me having ‘spare time’ consistently every day – I started to panic a bit……. for the full blog >>

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