Massage balls for Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga, Crossfit, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release. A Mother’s Day USA PERFECT GIFT!

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Massage balls for Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga, Crossfit, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release. Includes 1 XLarge Massage ball and 2 Lacrosse Size Balls w/ mesh bag. (Firm Rubber Yoga Balls – 3)

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HOME PHYSICAL THERAPY SOLUTION – Relax and relieve muscle tightness or pain associated with hours of office work, day-to-day stress, old athletic injuries, or a strenuous workout schedule while improving your mobility and flexibility. Use sFera Massage Balls to relieve lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, upper back pain, neck tension, shoulder pain, and more. Set includes 1 Extra Large 4″ Ball and 2 Smaller 2.5″ Balls.
WORK OUT MORE, HURT LESS If you are an avid Yogi, active athlete, or even if you sweat it out working hard labor such as construction, a therapeutic massage ball set can bring you soothing relief on your way to faster recovery comfort. Become your own personal trainer pushing yourself harder at the gym using sFera Massage Ball Therapy to help you recover faster, prevent injuries, and improve your fitness performance. Detailed instructions are included for your convenience.

STRETCH YOUR BACK OR HARD-TO-REACH MUSCLE KNOTS -Using the sFera Trigger Point Massage Ball enables you to access problematic stiff back areas or release muscle tension in ways a foam roller falls short. Precise placement instructions and therapy-proven dimensions ensure you can access virtually any trigger point or muscle knot in your body to bring you natural relief as a substitute/complement to massage or physical therapy appointments.
FINDING YOUR PERFECT FIT – sFera offers a set of massage balls available in Medium Firm, Firm, or Extra Firm density to best suit your massage pressure preference. LATEX-FREE option available (Firm only, Medium and xFirm are NOT latex-free). Use the physical therapy massage balls individually or as a peanut roller to access even the tightest spots in your body as you find the perfect fit for your comfort.
HEAVY DUTY PROFESSIONAL GRADE MATERIALS – sFera sources premium quality materials tested for durability in gyms, Crossfit boxes, and Yoga/Pilates studios to ensure longevity and unparalleled high performance. All sFera Myofascial Release Balls are backed by our Lifetime Warranty so you can rock and roll your way to better spinal care or pain management with confidence!

sFera Massage balls for Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga, Crossfit, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release

sFera deep tissue massage balls were designed by a movement specialist in order to give everyone professional tools at home to perform daily trigger point and self-myofascial release.
Whether you want to open up a tight back after a long day at work, prepare muscles for a tough workout or are looking for a targeted pressure point release to complement your massage or physical therapy sessions, sFera self-massage kit will do the job right for you.
The unique choice of materials and sizes used to make sFera Massage Balls is designed to survive the test of time while providing you with massage relief from muscle and back pain whenever you need it.
This easy-to-use self-massage ball set also comes with a comprehensive guide/ebook with access to a video library that will teach you how to become your own expert massage therapist.

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