Book ! The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of, Practical Steps To Extraordinary, lasting love, by Brian Taylor ! >>

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Book ! The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of, Practical Steps To Extraordinary, lasting love, By Brian Taylor ! >>


The story behind this book interests some people:

When the author’s daughter and her fiancé announced their engagement he started jotting down some ideas on how to have a good marriage – with the intention of giving them some ideas on how to develop and nurture their relationship.

In the months between the engagement and the wedding it became quite a dossier. He formally gave it to them at the wedding. A number of people asked for a copy (which he gladly gave them). But people continued to request copies for months after the wedding. So, about 8 months after the wedding he thought “Actually, there are a lot of good ideas in this dossier, I should turn it to a book so that lots of people can benefit from it. So, it took the following 2 years to turn it to the very practical manual that it is today.

For Men!

The style is suitable for men! Relationships are often regarded as a women’s topic. As a result the vast majority of books on relationships are written for women. But the short chapters, succinct style of writing and the fact that there are many pictures all work towards this being a manual that is suitable for men!

The Gift the keeps on giving:

Life is much better with top relationships. One romantic night is lovely – and we are very much in favour of this – but the depth and quality of the relationship for the other 364 days is also very important. This manual will help develop relationships that keep on flourishing; develop the marriage you long for and enable you to work towards your full potential.

How Much Better Could Your Relationships Be?

No matter how good a relationship is there is always room for improvement. The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of is a book that is full of ideas to enhance our relationships. The principles noted in the book apply to marriages & families, to relationships at work and to social relationships. There are ideas for everyone in this idea-rich book. Since it is a resource that can be referred to for many years, quite possibly it will be one of the most beneficial and cost-effective resources on relationships you will ever have. *

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