Malone Rugby Club Notes: The Des Merry Annual Rugby game (Update)

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The game to contest the Des Merry trophy has been prospered and in its place there will be a training game consisting of 4×25 periods.

Malone travel to Dublin to contest the Des Merry Trophy with the annual game against old friends D.L.S.P. Malone relinquished the cup last year when they lost at home.

The history of this game is explained below.

109 years after Ireland’s oldest inter city club game, between De La Salle Palmerston and Malone first took place, Salmo’s left Gibson Park on the Malone Road, with the Des Merrey Trophy, having had an impressive 26-3 victory. The trophy is much coveted between both clubs and is in memory of Des Merrey, who was a former President of Palmerston and also a member of Malone FC.

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