Mallon Foods the leading producer of sausages in Ireland.

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Arthur Mallon Foods

Is the leading producer of sausages in Ireland, creating award winning sausages since 1940 from County Monaghan. The company originated from Arthur Mallon’s Butchers shop in Monaghan Town, which was famous for its tasty and creative sausages recipes, that were handed down through generations of master butchers. Arthur himself was a master butcher and prided himself on his high quality sausages. All of our sausages are made with 100% Irish Pork and we have won over 140 awards both nationally and internationally, which makes us the most awarded sausage maker in Ireland!

The origins of Arthur Mallon Foods dates back to the 1940’s, when Arthur Mallon a master butcher, from a family of butchers, opened a butchers shop in Monaghan Town.

Arthur was armed with a wealth of expertise and much knowledge of how to make the best sausages, through recipes handed down through the generations.
Arthur’s business quickly flourished thanks to his dedication to fresh Irish products and the ability to create the tastiest sausages. The butchers shop soon became famous for Mallon Sausages, not just within the Monaghan area but also further afield. It was widely reported that customers would cycle many miles to Arthur’s shop just to get the famous Mallon Sausages.

The demand for the sausages continued to grow and this led to Arthur selling his products to wholesalers and catering outlets in the North East Region. As time went by, Patrick Mallon, Arthur’s son took over the business. Patrick studied Meat Technology in the UK and then worked in the industry in Ireland, before taking over and developing the business into what it is today.

Arthur Mallon Foods
Co. Monaghan.
Telephone +353 47 82766
Fax +353 47 83216

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