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LUKA… With its brown box packaging tied with delicate twine they make wonderful valentine’s gifts…

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With its brown box packaging tied with delicate twine it does not need to be wrapped to gift and at £30 a box it will be the best buy you make this Valentines day!

Demand for this shampoo & conditioner range within my existing client base has been surging – LUKA are currently using within their salon (Luka Dayspa & Salon) as their own boutique range, selling it in store and at our Old Spitalfields Market stall. Their client’s are blown away by its incredible scent!

The Revival product range: Vegan, organic, cruelty-free, sulphate and paraben-free.

Containing a vegan Keratin substitute, The Revival technology works by gently coating the hair in protein to make each individual strand resilient, fuller and manageable.

Inspired by travel and cultural anecdotes, The Revival is packed full of essential oils. Remedies from Mediterranean living such as Argan and olive oils nourish the hair to leave it smooth and shiny.

Proteolytic enzymes within the Aloe vera extracts repair dead skin and chamomile work to soothe the scalp surface; promoting hair growth and preventing itching.

Tropical Castor oil promotes blood flow to the scalp stimulating hair growth, working alongside Shea butter and Grapeseed oil to reducing breakage with their intense moisturisation properties.

Amber is the signature scent of this range – this is the part that you will love the most!


“Our Story
We began with ‘the beauty concept’; opening the flagship Shoreditch boutique ‘Luka Dayspa & Salon’ in 2019. Providing a vast array of services; hairdressing, nails, massage, facial, reflexology, body scrubs & wraps, waxing, brows & lashes but more than that; a self care awareness & lifestyle choice.

6 months after opening, my mother & Luka Dayspa & Salon receptionist extraordinaire – Jacqueline, says to me…’Luka…you’ve got to get into products…your name will look really good on the bottle’. The woman has fantastic business vision and fulfils larger & wider roles as motivational life coach & general support system. The issue was timing, already having a newly launched business in place.

Then covid & lockdown 1.0 hits, when reading the backs of shampoo bottles & researching cultural hair care anecdotes seems an ample hobby…and so that is what I did.

2 years later…after a series of closing and reopening our flagship store due to covid, we are returning with a bang and launching our very own hair care range; Luka ‘The Revival’. Vegan, organic, sulphate & paraben-free – making us a truly unique boutique!”

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