Love Is but Fleeting on Love Island By Joshua Greedy

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Love Is but Fleeting on Love Island By Joshua Greedy


The struggles of well-buffed singletons marooned at a luxury villa with a quest to find love is a depressingly mainstream example of popular British television. Yet for a show named Love Island, we haven’t seen any real length of time spent lovemaking, which begs the question: why is the sex so sexless? It’s not easy to have sex on camera or in front of people, no matter what the contestants say. Previously in the series we saw the undignified spectacle of John and Hannah crying over his apparent Erectile Dysfunction. In his defence, one could flip this on its head and ask: how can you feel comfortable with everyone watching?

These men and women are experiencing the same all-too-common sexual problems: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Premature ejaculation Body dysmorphia  Size concerns. Millions of men and women in the UK suffer these issues, and now they are playing out in front of us every night.

ED, which affects up to 50% of men at some point in their life and, while curable, is still an extremely taboo topic. Premature ejaculation can cause relationship issues, a lack of confidence, and unsatisfied love lives. 42% of men have recorded a desire to have a larger penis – and yet these issues are seldom discussed publicly. Shockingly, many men also don’t seek treatment for these problems: a recent study suggested that 72% of men suffering from some form of Erectile Dysfunction in London don’t tell their GP.

Love Island has a unique opportunity to publicly explore these taboos and flag the seriousness of the illnesses behind them. Furthermore, these Illnesses are treatable and manageable at the Institute of Andrology, in London.

About the author Joshua Greedy is Head of Marketing for International Andrology globally. The medical issues raised in this article, while treated in a somewhat humorous manner, affect men daily around the world; part of the mission for International Andrology is to raise these issues without prejudice, shame or disrespect to allow men to seek the treatment they need. Keep an eye out for a fantastic new awareness campaign later this year which will bring these male sexual health issues to light to provide men, women and their partners with clear solutions and help.

International Andrology (IA) is a world leading organisation of highly qualified physicians and surgeons who have played major roles in the development and improvement of modern surgical techniques in the field of men’s sexual and reproductive health. From its UK base in Queen Anne Street, International Andrology London offers the most advanced treatments for male sexual dysfunction, sub-fertility, aesthetic and functional urogenital surgery successfully treating problems like erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease (extreme curvature of the penis) and premature ejaculation. In addition to utilising the latest evidence-based medicine and technologies to deliver the best medical and surgical treatments, the clinic also provides counselling, nutritional advice and lifestyle support.

International Andrology has clinics in London, Greece, Dubai and Italy is a member of International Andrology (IA) worldwide, an international collaboration network of leading practitioners. IA doctors are experienced Urologist-Andrologist surgeons and have played major roles in the development, co-development or improvement of many modern surgical techniques currently standardised throughout the world as well as pioneering holistic treatments covering a broad range of men’s health issues.

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