Love is in the air – literally – if you vape this Valentine’s Day.

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Love is in the air – literally – if you vape this Valentine’s Day


Love will literally be in the air this Valentine’s Day with the CalyFx Sex Premium CBD Vape Pen. Developed to help increase intimacy and prolong arousal, this premium blend is designed to enhance your sexual experience and release your inhibitions.
Vaping is a highly effective and efficient way to consume CBD. By taking the vapour into the lungs, it reaches the blood stream directly and is absorbed more rapidly and effectively than if taken in a liquid or pill form.
CalyFX Sex combines high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil with carefully balanced, 100% plant-based terpenes to bring about the desired lifestyle elevating effect.
CalyFX is a range of six premium custom-blend CBD vape pens designed to naturally elevate a healthy lifestyle. (Others in the range include: CalyFX Endurance, CalyFX Sleep, CalyFX Relief, CalyFX Shape & CalyFX Social). Following great success in the US where the brand originates, it has now launched in the UK.
CalyFX blends are 100% natural, pure and free from additional ingredients commonly found in less-good quality products. Prepared in California and independently lab-tested and verified, they meet all the UK regulations and are actively being prepared for product registration when the new UK Cannabis Products Directive comes into effect later in 2019. CalyFX is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association.
The range is of the highest integrity and notable for having:
No PG – propylene glycol
No VG – vegetable glycerine
No MCT – medium chain triglycerides (made from processing coconut and palm kernel oils in a laboratory)
100% full-spectrum CBD oil which includes other compounds of the cannabis plant and is considered more effective than CBD isolate (which exists without the compounds)
100% plant-based terpenes (found in essential oils, they give aromas and flavours)
Pure CBD hemp oil with less than the minimum 0.2% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the main psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that gives an illegal ‘high’
How to use it
The CalyFX Sex 1ml cartridge (£70) fits the rechargeable reusable CalyFX pen battery (£15). Simply charge the battery, fix the cartridge in place and inhale the vapour to get the desired effect.
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