Look no further for Star Wars fans From Mad Beauty: Star Wars™ Collection

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Look no further for Star Wars fans From Mad Beauty: Star Wars™ Collection

The latest refresh of Mad Beauty’s Star Wars™ themed bath, body and skincare takes inspiration from the Galactic Empire with the iconic Darth Vader™, Stormtroopers and The Fighter
Pilot™ taking centre stage across a range of products. The result is a highly giftable and collectible collection that lets Star Wars fans everywhere be the commander of their
relaxation routine.

Unwind with the deep and refreshing fragrances of our Star Wars™ Collection which features bestselling formats including bath fizzers, body washes and soap on a rope. The handy
Darth Vader™ shaped lip balm and pocket-sized hand cream tin make perfect treats for galactic travellers as well as the Stormtrooper Gift Set and Wash Bag Set which feature a handpicked selection of products from the range and keepsake giftable packaging.

Mad Beauty is available from madbeauty.com and various retailers.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Gift Set by Mad Beauty, £18.99

The perfect gift for Star Wars fans who love to stand out from the crowd, this Stormtrooper bath and shower collection has everything you need to have you feeling refreshed and ready for your next
adventure. Contains cleansing puff, Stormtrooper Fizzer, Body Wash and Body Lotion. Amber and cedarwood fragrance.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Wash Bag Set by Mad Beauty, £17.99

This toiletry bag contains everything you need for a trip to another galaxy: a body wash, body lotion, Stormtrooper bath fizzer and cleansing puff

Star Wars Stormtrooper Shaped Soap on a Rope by Mad Beauty, £7.50

The refreshing lime and cedarwood scent of this fun character soap on a rope will help you feel reset and ready for action in no time.

The Fighter Pilot printed sheet mask is
infused with coconut for instant hydration.

Star Wars Darth Vader™ Shaped Bath Fizzers by Mad Beauty, £9.99

Transport yourself to relaxation with these Darth Vader™ shaped bath fizzers. The uplifting amber and
ginseng fragrance will awaken your senses.

Star Wars Darth Vader™ Face Mask by Mad Beauty, £4.99

Darth Vader printed sheet mask with black tea extract which is known for its purifying antioxidant properties.

Star Wars Men’s Sheet Face Mask Trio by Mad Beauty, £11.99

A collection of three printed sheet masks – Darth Vader, enriched with purifying black tea extract, Stormtrooper, with anti-oxidant benefits from green tea, and The Fighter Pilot, a hydrating mask with coconut.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Face Mask by Mad Beauty, £4.99

Revive your skin with this Stormtrooper printed sheet mask enriched with antioxidant green tea extract.

Star Wars Hand Salve by Mad Beauty, £5.99

Keep hands primed and ready for action with this lime and cedarwood fragranced hand salve in a handy compact tin.

Star Wars Darth Vader™ Lip Balm by Mad Beauty, £5.99

Keep your lips hydrated and prevent dryness and cracking with this moisturising vanilla fragranced lip balm housed in Darth Vader’s helmet.

Mad Beauty is available from madbeauty.com and various retailers.

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