long live the Watermelon!

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Coconut water is dead – long live the Watermelon!

What A Melon water has arrived and is set to become this summer’s tipple

Coconut water is so 2015.  New watermelon water, What A Melon, is launching throughout the UK and is set to be this summer’s thirst quencher of choice.


Packed with more health-boosting nutrients than its crafty coconut rival, which let’s face it tastes more like coconut sun lotion, What A Melon water actually tastes like the real thing – like biting into a sun-ripened, delicious slice of fresh watermelon.

In addition to its refreshingly genuine flavour, What A Melon water has a list of lovely added benefits. It has all the electrolytes found in its coconutty counterpart however it also contains antioxidant Lycopene and is packed full of potassium, meaning its perfect at keeping you hydrated.

Unlike coconut water, What A Melon water also contains the muscle loving amino acid Citrulline. This clever acid aids in reducing fatigue and improving endurance making it the perfect post-workout drink for gym bunnies everywhere.

It seems that celebrities are also making the move to watermelon this year. Fans including supermodel Cara Delevingne, reality star Kim Kardashian and F1 champ Lewis Hamilton have expressed their love for the sweet pink nectar. Most recently Beyoncé has even announced she is investing in a US watermelon water brand.

With no added sugar, no preservatives and absolutely nothing added apart from a dash of lemon juice to make it last a little longer, What A Melon water is set to become the hydrating superhero of summer.

Olly Bolton and Tom Procter, co-founders of What A Melon commented, “We love all things watermelon and to put it simply, we think watermelon water just tastes better than coconut water. Given its nutritional properties, it’s a healthier hydrator too making it not only perfect for active sporty types, but a great everyday summer thirst quencher. We are not here to create a war with coconut water, we just think people should have more choice – did we mention it’s incredible in cocktails?”

What A Melon is available from http://whatamelonwater.com/ RRP £38 x 18. Also available from specialist retailers including Wholefoods, Planet Organic and London independents.

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